What is (are): Baby Bucks?

It was 1862 when the U.S. Department of Treasury printed the first paper currency. And did you know Martha Washington was the first woman to have her portrait on an American Bill? Yep, in 1886 her image was on the face of the $1 silver certificate. A picture of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA is printed on the back of our $100 bill, and in case you were wondering, the time on the clock tower is approximately 4:10. Crazy but true, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces approximately $453 million in new bills, EVERY DAY! We don’t produce anywhere close to $453 million a day, but we do print a few Baby Bucks at the PHI Center; there’s sixty-two sitting in the PHI Vault as I write this post.

As of August 2012, this is our new Baby Buck.


Our educational program is called “Earn While you Learn,” and what you earn are Baby Bucks. Here’s how you can earn yours. The most an individual can earn on a day is four: one for showing up for class, one for being on time, one for having completed homework, and one for breastfeeding. Not everyone is in the breastfeeding season of life, especially our dads, so most of the time your maximum earnings would be three Baby Bucks. If both parents are participating in class both parents are eligible for Baby Bucks, so couples could take home six or seven Bucks per week!

These Bucks are the only currency accepted in our Storkroom. We don’t take checks, won’t swipe cards, and don’t want your hard earned U.S. currency; we only want our Baby Bucks. And those Bucks go a long way in the Storkroom. Three will buy you twelve articles of kid’s clothes because they are only twenty-five Baby Cents a piece. Our items are priced to move, so if you do your homework and show up on time you will be able to buy all sorts of great things for your family and home.

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