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What is: The Storkroom?

Legends tell of storks delivering babies to parents under the cover of night. Dressed in their best white feathers, these tall birds wrapped babies in cloths, picked them up with their long red beaks, and brought them to the new parents. The White Stork of legend calls Europe home but every fall heads south, to Africa, to avoid the dreary winter months. Toward the end of March they make their way back to Europe, coinciding with the coming of spring. About nine months before the birds came home was the Midsummer’s Day festival, held annually on the summer solstice in June. The festival was a popular time for weddings, and nine months after those marriages were consummated the storks returned home. The birds like high places and often nested on rooftops and in chimneys, giving rise to the myth they dropped the babies down the chimney and a legend was born.

Associating the stork as a giver of gifts and symbolic of babies, our resource area was named the Storkroom. The bottom floor of the PHI Center is stork-like because it’s the place our clients receive their practical support, although nothing is dropped down a chimney. The shelves are stocked with baby formula, diapers, toys, bottles, blankets, burp cloths, and clothing for both babies and mothers. Raising a child is an adventure, full of joy and laughter, stress and anxiety. Raising a child is also an investment and The Storkroom allows us to ease the financial burden off the parents we serve.

Everything in The Storkroom is available with no expense to our clients, but our resources aren’t necessarily free. Our education program is called “Earn While You Learn” because participating in the educational classes is how clients earn Baby Bucks. These Baby Bucks are what you use to buy what you need for your baby or your home. You earn while you learn.

If you get involved at the PHI Center the resources in the Storkroom become available to you. We would love the opportunity to help you prepare for the baby on the way or care for the one already in your home. All you need to do is come introduce yourself, get signed up, and start coming to class. The Storkroom awaits.

A bundle of… diapers.


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