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Post-Abortion Support

We are everywhere. We are in churches. We are in shopping centers. We are in grocery stores. We are in daycare centers. We are high school dropouts. We are high school graduates. We have bachelor degrees, masters and Ph.D. degrees. We work well below our level of capability. We work at the top level of corporations and government. We are women who have experienced abortion.”

–Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace after Abortion

by Sydna Masse and Joan Phillips

Abortion can be a traumatic experience in a person’s life. Women who have had an abortion often hide the secret and suffer severe consequences. Surrendering the Secret supports hurting women to find healing and spiritual transformation, discover the truth, take a step toward forgiveness, and embrace the truth. The 8-week program is based on an interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, unique journaling exercises, and a confidential, supportive community.

For more information and to participate in Surrendering the Secret at the PHI Center, contact us at 850-222-7177. To learn more about Surrendering the Secret, visit their website at