adoption services bannerThe PHI Center offers guidance, support, and encouragement for expectant moms who are considering adoption. We offer:

When I found out that I was pregnant over four years ago, I was devastated. I had no desire to be a single mother. My only hope was to believe that I would find parents for my daughter who could love her as much as I could. My inability to choose a family made me wonder if I was supposed to raise my daughter after all. About 6 months into my pregnancy, someone told me about the PHI Center, and about the support group for pregnant women who are considering adoption. I was a bit skeptical about such a group, but I went anyway, and it ended up being my lifeline for the rest of my pregnancy. I looked forward to meeting with Donna (the group leader) and the other members every week. It was like a sanctuary for me in the midst of confusion.” -Rachel 

“When you make a decision this big it is very important to have support. I was probably only strong enough to go through with my adoption with the peace from the Lord and the weekly support of the PHI Center. Every week I would attend a pregnancy support group led by Donna. She had been my mentor weekly throughout my pregnancy. She had continued to be my friend and mentor still today. I know I couldn’t have done it without Donna and everyone else who works at the PHI.” -Tonya

We are here to help you through this time and hope that you will contact us immediately. Call 850-222-7177 or stop by our center at 1710 S Gadsden Street Tallahassee, FL 32301 for help! All PHI Center services are free and confidential, regardless of your age, race, or religion.