Am I Pregnant? - PHI Center Tallahassee

Am I Pregnant?

You may be experiencing some common symptoms of pregnancy such as, nausea, dizziness, tender breasts and tiredness.  But these can also be symptoms of something else.  A test can confirm your pregnancy by detecting the hormone HCG.  Testing is free as well as limited ultrasound service.  You are no longer alone when you take the step to call or walk in our door.

Every service is free and confidential:

PHI Center services are available to any woman who needs assistance, married or single, who is, or may be, pregnant. We also offer support for dads. Our parenting classes provide emotional support and our Stork Room can assist you with clothing, food, and other supplies. All PHI Center services are free and confidential, regardless of your age, race, or religion. Contact us today!